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All of our events are in cooperation with NYC Dept of Parks & Recreation, Partnership for Parks, The City Parks Foundation, SRPC, Ahltone Communications, and City Councilman Justin Brannan. We thank them all for their support.Email Linda at with any questions, or if you would like to volunteer in the Garden.

The Narrows Botanical Gardens' logo was created by one of our volunteers. Represented by a Tree, the logo incorporates the elements of Narrows Botanical Gardens as a living entity. This includes the Turtle Sanctuary, Koi Pond, Chicken Coop, and Bee Hives. One of the most important parts of a tree are its leaves. Leaves are crucial to the survival of a tree.

Here for our logo, the leaves are represented as the helping hands of all our volunteers,

without whom Narrows Botanical Gardens could not survive.

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